Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready for Change

So...three weeks ago I packed up our SUV and strapped Kendall in her seatbelt, and drove to Chandler, Arizona. I have been really wanting to move back to Arizona, finally Brett said..."if there is a time in our lives to move, it's now!" The first week I felt really discouraged. I was applying for positions and kept my phone close by and no calls at all for interviews. I started missing Brett, Taylor and little Buzzy. Then started thinking whether this was the right choice for our family. Brett and I prayed and fasted and just didn't get that answer to go, but we also didn't get an answer not to go, either. I started wondering how many moms would do this, I am so fly by the seat of my pants that I am just like, whhhaaatttt am I doing and how come I never think things thru.....I decided to give myself to the 1st of Ocober. If I was unable to get a job, well I can honestly say I tried.

So I kept trekking, kept applying for those positions. Then my phone started ringing for interviews. My very first interview I left the house like 2 hours early, I wanted to make sure nothing went wrong. After 2 hours of interviewing with several management, I left feeling very positive. Nine am the next morning, I received the job offer! Yay and they decided to pay me a little more than they originally promised...yay again. I am very excited to move back to Arizona and be close to my family again. We are also very grateful for the family we have been able to see and spend time with since we have come back from Alaska!

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